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Designer Jewelry Brands That Are Redefining Luxury

Try these breakthrough designers’ jewelry pieces if you’re willing to raise the bar of your fine-jewelry game and take a new look at what we call luxury. Their striking designs and extremely careful working of precious metals and stones made these brands challenging the values of who wears fine jewelry. From monochrome sleekness to artistic inventions, Designer …

Tiffany Jewelry: How to Spot Authentic Jewelry – A Buyer’s Guide

Welcome aboard Tiffany’s authenticity guide for buyers: How to tell if your merch is the real deal. The brand of Tiffany & Co. is well represented with its blue-colored classic Jewelry boxes and beyond-the-time designs that have created the penumbra of the luxury and sophistication. Nevertheless, as the Tiffany Jewelry popularity has widened, the retail distributors of …


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